Saturday, February 11, 2012

How do I go about making/getting a costume?

I am trying to get costumes together in order to cosplay the anime Death Note. I have looked on 'ebay' and 'google' and cosplay websites, however I am unsure weather or not I should buy the costume(and from where)and alter it, or make it myself. I am also unsure where to get the material to make the costumes. So, I am at a loss and in need of suggestions.|||Jo ann fabrics is really good at helping people out. they have fabrics and guides to making costumes and clothes and stuff|||For Deathnote it could be easy depending on wich character. Any of the human characters especially, just do to a store and look for cloths that resemble theirs. Simple. as for the death gods, that would be more difficult, a bit of makeup and fake teeth. some feathers or well depending on which one... hmmm... I've made a few costumes of my own, but they all consisted of people not demons or creatures or deathgods. If you are going for the deathgod you might want to purchase that one.

Did you know that the weather in Hell isn't all that bad, and sometimes it actually does freeze over?;lr=%26amp;q鈥?/a>|||I decided to laugh at that. :) hahaha|||I'll have to visit Michigan someday|||It's merely a natural cycle of planet Hell.

Who would name a town or city "Hell"?

Also, how the F was that agreed upon?|||See now I have to move there, I am always being told I am going to Hell.

as to the name

There are two leading stories cited by residents for the origin of Hell's name:

The first holds that a pair of German travelers stepped out of a stagecoach one sunny afternoon in the 1830s, and one said to the other, "So sch枚n hell!" - translated as, "So beautifully bright!" Their comments were overheard by some locals and the name stuck.[3]

The second holds that after Michigan gained statehood, George Reeves was asked what he thought the town he helped settle should be called, and replied, "I don't care, you can name it Hell for all I care." The name became official on October 13, 1841.[4]|||I haven't been there myself.... but my beloved is a Michigander and she's threatened to give me Hell...

Where can I find a Christmas holiday weather forecast for the US (spec. Oklahoma)?

All I can find on google is for the UK.|||You can't! There is absolutely no way to predict weather 3 weeks away. If anyone claims that they can, then they're lying. The best you can get is about 6-7 days out, and even that's a little bit of a guess. Wait until next Saturday, then check|||

They have the Month Weather !!

What do you think happened to the 6 year-old "weather balloon" boy who disappeared today in Colorado?;cf鈥?/a>|||He is fine now , that little devil was hidding in box on the attic .He created chaos for nothing, hope his parents learn something from this.|||Based on the facts the whole thing seems a little bazaar. Onlookers supposedly monitored it the whole 2 hours it was in the air. It could have been publicity or negligence. Ironically, the family involved appeared on the TV show Wife Swap previously. Watch the episode and it might give you a little more insight into the Heene family. Falcon seemed like a tough little guy though. Hopefully he's okay.|||Leave it to the Coloradians! Lol kidding. I think he fell out and he's now hiding somewhere near where they found the balloon and they will find him soon. Trying to add some optimism to this sad story :)|||hes playing with friends...or they killed him and made up a story that he was in the balloon... whuile the cops were looking for the balloon the person had time to hide the kids body|||this is so extraordinary it's ridiculous. :/|||i saw that on the news wtf? O.o

ONLY IN AMERICA ;]|||He probably fell out he was only 6 :(|||I think he might have fallen out.|||Can't say for sure to be honest but I hope they find him soon.|||its either really bizarre or fake.|||It's crazy...he probably fell out...that poor boy, it makes me so sad...|||Fell out? :[|||Last report I heard they were still looking for him.( sad)|||red bull prolly gave him wings.|||i think he's probably dead :*-(|||hes dead|||i think this is so sad.):|||he fell off of it i watched it happen live

WEATHER FORECASTER costume? And character help!!! PLEASE!?

I have to be a weather forecaster for this murder mystery party... tonight! Yeah I know, good planning skills. Anyway, I don't know what to wear, I want it to be funny %26amp; kind of all out... Plus when I'm there I need ideas to make my character less boring. It didn't give me any suggestions for dress and surprisingly google has done me little good.

THANKS SO MUCH|||weather forecaster is generally a suit but you could always have some really outrageous tie on and some mad shoes or something like that, doesnt have to be major diferences to work.

Hurricanes weather pattern ?

hi uhm i need abit of herlp for my geo project bout hurricanes i need information of typical weather patterns during a hurricane and that sort of stuff, any time i write weather patterns of a hruricane in google or something it comes up as a song :/ not too helpful , so uhm help please xx thanks x|||For US Atlantic Coast:

Start out as tropical storms from west coast of Africa near the equator

They build off of heat from the ocean

They spin counter clockwise, because they are a form of tropical cyclones

They generally move west, then as they turn northward, and sometimes east

(Like a big C)

ocean levels rise during hurricanes, which causes a lot of damage (storm surge)|||I think you are over analysing the question here. Just research what happens during a hurricane. For example, build up of winds, rain, etc. Broaden your search to just hurricanes.

How much data per month will I use?

I recently purchased a Motorola Droid 2 from Verizon where I purchased 2 GB of data. If I use the internet for sites like MSN, ESPN, and normal Google searches and I use the weather app pre downloaded will I go over my limit? Also I will probably view 20 emails per day. Thanks|||u shoud be fine at like 25 webpages a day and 50 emails a day thats about 1.11 gbs of data per month so any weather app u use shouldnt put u over to much and thats 50 emails and 25 webpages per day and u said less than that so as long as ur not watching videos or anyyhing u shoud be fine